Why these Casinos are top choices

When people want to spend money big time, these casinos spend big for them to be the best choice.

Just imagine - in a study by the American Gaming Association, there was about 51 million people who visited a casino in 2002. And that is just the number of people who visited casinos domestically. It is believed that worldwide, the figure could even be double.

So if you have 100 million people who would be willing to spend at least 1,000 dollars on gambling, how do you make them choose you? And not just that, how do you make them choose you again and again?

Proximity seems to be an important factor for people when they want to go to a casino. Gambling seem to be a form of break for most people so every time one feels stressed out or tired, a near casino would give them the instant boost that they want. But of course, when it involves more than just your usual gambling, that is when these casinos take the competition up a notch.

Casinos spend big when it comes to plushing up the accommodations, staging grand floor shows, giving out free drinks and buffets just to make sure that your stay is enjoyable and memorable enough for you to want to come back. Other amenities that great casinos include the variety of gaming/gambling entertainment available, the number of gaming tables as well as the reputation of the casino.

But sometimes, casinos don't even have to spend to gain popularity and be the best choice there is. Take for example, Casino de Monte in Monaco where people usually just visit so as to take a glimpse of some hot celebrity or get the chance to meet a member of the royalty. This just shows that it is not just the perks but also the people who frequent the casino that matter.

Of course, when you are more on a 'gambling vacation' you may want also want to pamper yourself rather than just fatten your purse. There are also casinos like the Bellagio in Las Vegas that offer fine dining and boutiques like Chanel and Hermes. Aside from the usual floor shows, Bellagio also offer spa and golf services. This way, you get to enjoy both sides of your vacation - the laughter and noise of the gaming tables and the peace and quiet of a a relaxing spa.

What more can you ask for? Well, if you have any just tell these casinos and for they'd do anything to fulfill your every whim - just as long as you pay of course!